Princess The Prius

priusI got a new car!

I call her Princess. I’ve already driven close to 1,000 miles. I can’t stop driving. I get 53 miles to the gallon! Fifty-three miles to the gallon! Two gallons and I go more than one hundred miles!

I’m excited. Princess has everything. Lightweight doors, lightweight glass, aerodynamic hood and even the rear lights are shaped in contour to avoid any resistance to the wind.

The battery and gas alternate as sources of power. When you put on the brake on go downhill or simply let off of the gas, there’s magic! The computer added axle and individual wheel driven assistance provides charge to the battery.

I can switch from power, to economic, to intermediate for the application of power and strength by the battery and the gasoline through the engine to help with steep hills or long, plateaus.

I took it into the mountains of Colorado and never lost acceleration on the climb and when I was descending the mountain the onboard display said I was getting more than 99 miles to the gallon…saving so much energy the little car couldn’t even register!

I can charge my mobile devices by USB or through the regular plug in charger.

It came with Sirius on board for 90 days and satellite radio is the way to go! The audio system is balanced in every way and the high fidelity contrast holds the bass and treble in perfect harmony.

Princess comes with a backup camera that concaves to give me full view as I go into reverse, and even at dusk the view is visible and helpful.

Traveling light is a real experience.

It does sit very low to the surface of the road, but unfortunately and fortunately together, I had to go through a flash flood of about 24 inches. Princess just swam right through it, no leaks to the floor board or door seals. No stalls to the engine. I was so scared and so thankful. I couldn’t be prouder.

The leg room is amazing. Princess can accommodate my 6’3″ father in the front or the back. He’s even thinking of getting him a Prince of a Prius.

When I asked the salesman what was the most common complaint or problem the new Prius owners had, he said, “It’s funny.”

“The most common complaint is, ‘I ran out of gas.’”

I said, “What! I thought these things were great about saving gas.” He said, “They are. In fact they are so great about it, that people get out of their 5 to 7 day, ‘I’ve got to fill up again.’”

What was happening is that the drivers look and see they have so much gas still in the tank, that they drive right past the regular fill up habit that have formed for so long. Monday comes and they don’t have to fill up. Ten days later, when they have gotten use to not needing gas, they stop watching the gas fluid level.

When they get out of the habit of stopping to fill up on Monday, and they stop watching the gas fluid level, they all of a sudden run out of gas because they forgot to check! That’s hilarious! Saving so much on gas that you forget to check the gas gauge.

That hasn’t happened to Princess, but it is true. I have to learn the new routine of putting gas in every 12 to 14 days instead of every 6 to 7 days. And, when I put the gas in, it doesn’t take as many gallons to fill it up. That means less money into the tank and more money for other things.

Princess Prius comes with a maintenance plan. No cost to me for the first year or 24,000 miles. All the engine oil changes, the tire rotations, the mechanical and fluid checks, all of it at no additional cost.

I feel like the Princess and I’ve got one parked in my garage!

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